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Danielle Campbell Is “StarStruck”

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1 Danielle Campbell Is “StarStruck” on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:37 pm

In anticipation of the June 8th release of the Disney Channel Original Movie “StarStruck” to DVD, we got the opportunity to speak with actress Danielle Campbell about the movie and about herself! After filming for two and a half months for “StarStruck” Danielle had lots to say, read below:

Sterling Knight seems like such a likable guy, yet at the beginning of StarStruck you had to act like you didn’t like him – was that hard for you?

“Sterling loves to tease me so he was a lot of fun. We would be joking around afterward, but he was really fun to work with.”

What was your favorite scene to film in StarStruck?

“I really loved filming the mud scenes. They were a lot of fun to film.”

Do you think you are similar to your character, Jessica, in StarStruck?

“We’re both from the Midwest…I’m the same, pretty down to earth like she is, but she’s a lot girlier than I am. I’m not obsessed with the color pink.”

What was your reaction when you found out you were cast in the Disney Channel Original Movie?

“I was literally speechless. My mom told me when I came back from lunch with my friends…I just stared at her because I didn’t believe her. I was speechless.”

Do you have any tips for your fans who are trying to get into acting?

“Just be yourself and when you go into those auditions try to do what you think the character would do, and really give it all that you have, and if you don’t get called back just stay positive because you put yourself out there.”

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re working on?

“I started auditioning again and I got call backs on a few things that I’m not allowed to reveal right now.”

If you could guest star in any Disney Channel series, what would it be?

“Wizards of Waverly Place…I would want to fly.”

If you could work with any actor, who would it be?

“Blake Lively…Meryl Streep.”

Do you play any sports?

“I’m not able to commit to any sports because I travel back and forth to LA.”

But Danielle did say that she plays Lacrosse with her brother and football!

Who is your favorite Disney Character?

“I love the Lion King.”

What is your favorite food?

“I’ve grown up cooking and baking and trying things from all over the world. I can’t choose a favorite food.”

Who is your favorite musician?

“I love a lot of different people: Rihanna, Bon Jovi, Jason Derullo, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Usher.”

13. What is your favorite movie?

“I don’t have a favorite movie. The are just so many and so many different types.”

14. What is your favorite color?

“Dark blue…or medium blue.”

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