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1 About the movie on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:31 pm

Let us just start by saying how much we LOVED the Disney Channel Original Movie “StarStruck” starring Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell.

The movie is about popular singing sensation Christopher Wilde, played by Sterling, who all of the teenage girls obsess over – including Sara Olson – sister to Jessica Olson, played by Danielle.

Jessica is fed up with her sisters’ obsession with Christopher, so when she meets him she is not too pleased – not to mention they met because Christopher was hurrying out of the building and slammed the door smack into Jessica’s head! But while Jessica may want to leave Christopher as soon as possible, because of the paparazzi the two are forced to drive away together – straight to the doctors so they can make sure Jessica is okay!

After trying to avoid the photogs all day, Christopher ends up spending the night in Jessica’s grandmother’s garage until the early morning when he is able to sneak away. When Jessica realizes Christopher has left early she is disappointed and realizes she doesn’t dislike him as much as she thought she did!

When Jessica and her sister take a trip to the beach that day she meets up with Christopher again and the two take Jessica’s grandmother’s car (a super cute pink automobile – which truly compliments Sterling!) on an adventure as they try to get Christopher back home – without getting his picture taken, because if he does then his next movie deal will be canceled.

After taking a wrong turn and sinking the super cute pink car in the mud, and learning a lot about each other in the process, Jessica and Christopher realize that the other is not as bad as they originally thought. While Christopher can’t seem to understand why Jessica isn’t swooning over him like the other girls, he realizes that he likes her for that. Jessica on the other hand comes to see Christopher for who he really is, not just the celebrity on the surface that all the other girls love.

But will the two end up together? Christopher makes that nearly impossible when, in order to keep his movie deal, he tells the media that he has never met Jessica – yikes!

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